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Reference Does

GCH Mint*Leaf Neveah 1*M


04-03 90 VEEE

Alpha-S1 Casein A/E

Sire: Hurricane-PM HSW Decadent

Dam: Mint*leaf Lucia

2021 Breed Leader #1 Milk Production and Protein and #2 in Butterfat

Show Wins:

2017- 3x Grand Champion, 2x Reserve Grand Champion


2018: ADGA Nationals 1st Place Junior Yearling,

 Reserve Grand Champion D1 Lamancha Specialty

2019: 4x Grand Champion, 3x Best of Breed, 1x Best Udder

District 1 Lamancha Specialty Show- Grand Champion

2020: Shown 3x- 3x 2nd place CC behind herdmate Infinity

2021: 7x Best of Breed, 2x Best Udder

2022: Unfortunately Nevaeh kidded 3 weeks early due to 

CVV so will take the year off!

Lucky*Star's RJ Larkspur 9*M

DOB: 4/18/19

02-04 86 VEVV

Sire: Rockin-CB KWY Jaingxi

Dam: Lucky*Star's TD Jasmine

Show Wins:

2019- District 1 Lamancha Specialty- 1st place Jr. Kid

2021-Not Shown

Lark developed a severe case of mastitis as a FF and she is severely lopsided and unfortunately will not have a show career but her udder was gorgeous before hand and with a body like shes got, she will stay as a brood doe a little longer.

Mint*Leaf River

DOB: 3/20/20

Sire: Mint*Leaf Black n Tan

Dam: Mint*Leaf Brooke

Show Wins:

2021: 1x Grand Champion, 3x Reserve Grand


2021 ADGA National Show- 6th Place Sr. Yearling

Rustic Wood's OK Ecstasy

DOB: 1/5/22

Sire: Olentangy Hoku Kilauea

Dam: CH Rustic Wood's JH Heaven 

Show Wins:

2022: 1x Grand Champion


District 1 Lamancha Specialty Reserve Grand

2022 ADGA Nationals 4th Place Senior Kid

CH (pending)Rustic Wood's MLC Willow

DOB: 3/1/20

Sire: Mint*Leaf MLJ Cyclone

Dam: CH Lucky*Star's RD Jada

Show Wins:

2020: 1x Grand Champion

2021: ADGA National Show-10th Place Sr. Yearling

2022: 2x Grand Champion, 2x Reserve Grand Champion, 1x Best of Breed

2022 ADGA National Show 5th Place 2 year old

Reference Bucks

Sire: *B Rockin-CB KR Hoku

Photo: Redwood Hills

Dam: SGCH Olentangy LSX Emerald

Photo: Olentangy Alpines

Dam:SGCH Olentangy LSX Emerald

Photo: Olentangy Alpines

Paternal Sister: CH Kastdemur's Vera Wang

Photo: Kastdemur's 

Paternal Sister: Vineyard View Hoku Brick House

Photo: Vineyard View

Paternal Sister: Kastdemur's Cloud 9

Photo: Kastdemur's

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