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Breeding Schedule 2024-2025

The following sales list offers prices on kids available for the 2023 kidding season. NO breeding pair is set in stone until there is a due date listed. A $100.00 deposit is required on all orders, with the balance due upon notification of birth. If the balance is not received within 10 days the kid will be offered to someone else. All kids must be picked up or other arrangements made within 3 weeks of birth! We do reserve the right to our choices of replacement animals, so please select a first and second choice kid. If both choices of kids are unavailable, your deposit is refunded. NO refunds of deposits on cancelled orders. We will take deposits on bucks out of first fresheners, but will make our final decision on that sale after the doe has freshened. We will not sell any kid unless we feel it is of show quality unless sold as a pet only. All shipping costs and health certificates are the buyer's responsibility and must be paid in full before shipping. All kids are pulled at birth and bottle fed, we use the gray caprine nipples. We use Calf-Pro as a coccidia preventative in their milk 2x a day. Our kids are raised on free choice milk and hay. All kids are started on grain as soon as they will start nibbling. We offer free choice grain and beet pulp.

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